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Demanding Transparency on Beacon Hill

Dear Friend,

I am running for State Senate because  Southeastern Massachusetts is at an economic, environmental, and social crossroad. Our fragile marine environment is threatened, the cost of living is high, and folks are struggling to get by. From Cape Cod, to Plymouth, to Pembroke, we need a fresh perspective and a new vision which looks towards the long-term prosperity of our region — one which creates a future where young families will choose to remain here, and where all members of our community are strengthened.

At present, far too many people are disenchanted and angry with the government. This frustration is justified –but it’s up to us to change the narrative. It’s time to hold government accountable and to create a new wave of civic engagement so that it is responsive to our needs.

We can rally behind a common cause of practical public policies which will improve our quality of life and engage everyone in the political process. It’s not just about THIS election — it’s more — it’s starting a conversation that encourages people to stand up, speak out, and get involved in a system that’s often viewed with distrust and dissatisfaction.

I was blessed to grow up in this community, and it has afforded me too many opportunities to count. I want to be our voice on Beacon Hill, and go against the grain of establishment politicians to give back and ensure that this special area remains a wonderful place to live and work for generations to come.

Our region is beset with numerous challenges affecting our quality of life and we need a representative who will tirelessly fight for our communities to ensure we get the resources we deserve. I hope you can join me as we begin this journey –

Environmental Stewardship

Barnstable and Plymouth Counties are marked by their idyllic natural environment. Our bays, beaches, ponds, and lakes, marshes, and woodlands draw visitors from across the country and the world and serve as a primary economic driver. Without it, our way of life would be lost. We must step up to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Improving Quality of Life

Government’s primary role is one which should produce policies which improve the quality of life for the majority of its citizens. Far too often ideology gets in the way of this basic responsibility. Creating conditions for economic growth shared prosperity, and delivery of basic services is critical. At the state level, it is the elected leader’s job to bring resources from the state back to their district.

Government Accountability

Election turnout is often very low, especially at the local level.  People are often not aware of who their leaders are, or what they even do, or that most of their tax dollars are spent right here at the local and state level– showing a need for change. We want people to demand accountability from their state government.

Plymouth & Barnstable Senate District

Map of District

The Gateway to Massachusetts’ Coastal Beauty

Our district is one which counts itself among the most diverse legislative districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Consisting of the Upper Cape including Bourne, Falmouth and Sandwich, Plymouth County as far as Pembroke.  It is the gateway to Southeastern Massachusetts’ coastal beauty, including the Cape and Islands — with both canal bridges falling within the bounds of the district. It is unique in its geography, history, and coastal identity.

My Plan For Our District

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