Mobilizing The


This campaign is about bringing those who are currently uninvolved with politics into the fold. Everyone has something to offer and no campaign can win an election without the support of many. By volunteering for this campaign, you’re helping the Plymouth & Barnstable District elect a young, progressive leader who is ready to make a change – and will fight every day for the best interests of our community.

Host a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are the lifeblood of a successful campaign. By bringing together friends, associates, and strangers in support of our campaign not only raises funds but also awareness.


The single most important thing we can do to further our message is voter contact. We want to engage voters across the district to discuss the issues which matter to them – and that means going door to door building this movement from the ground up.

Put Up A Sign

Whether you’re standing on the side of the road with a sign, or simply staking one in your front yard these simple acts go a long way during an election.

Sick of Politics? Me Too.

I decided to begin this journey out of frustration with how toxic our political climate has become – and felt compelled to do something about it. After all, we have far more in common than what divides us. Please help me make a difference.

My best,